PRODUCTSFor over 25 years, Unison Research and Opera Loudspeakers–both made by the Nasta family in Treviso, Italy–have provided beautiful audio products that will exceed your expectations both sonically and visually. Both of these companies have won a plethora of awards from all over the world for their innovative designs, reliable performance and, of course, their beautiful sound. Colleen Cardas Imports is proud to represent this highly respected marque in the United States.

Colleen Cardas Imports is also the US distributor and importer of PureAudio of New Zealand. Headed by Gary Morrison and Ross Stevens, the duo who were responsible for Plinius’ most successful designs, PureAudio offers true Class A operation, dual mono construction on all its models and innovative and durable construction. This beautiful gear designed to last for many decades, and we are proud to represent it. Please check out the PureAudio website for more information.

Finally, in August 2014 we are proud to introduce the incredible Axis VoiceBox S from Australia. John Reilly and Brad Serhan, two of Australia’s most famous speaker designers, put their friendly rivalry aside to produce this amazing studio monitor. The VoiceBox S is the studio monitor of choice for Benchmark Mastering in Australia, and one listen to this accurate and engaging speaker will convince you why. Find out more at the Axis VoiceBox website at

If you’re a dealer or manufacturer and you are interested in more information on Colleen Cardas Imports brands, please give us a call at (970) 275-9086 for more information about Unison Research, Opera, PureAudio or Axis. Our email addresses are and If you are a retail customer who wants to know more about our brands, please contact one our authorized dealers listed on the DEALERS page on this website.



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